This account by Gosse seems to raise two questions -
- if there were numbers of Urania sloanus in St Ann, in Jamaica, in 1880, had they really all gone within 20 years, since they have not been recorded since the 1890s?
- what happened to the specimens which ended up with 'Mr Marsden, Gloucester'; are they in some museum collection in the UK, or did they disappear too?
          Daily Gleaner, July 8, 1880
NOTE: 'Rev. John Leslie Mais, B.A., Master of Walton School, and as Stipendiary Curate £100.  Moneague P.O., [St Ann].' 1870 JAMAICA ALMANAC
The 'Walton School' was moved to Kingston in 1883 and was renamed 'Jamaica College', the name it still bears today.